Best Financial Calculator App for Your Phone in 2019

In the good olden days, people used to do their calculations by using pen and paper. Today those days are gone. Advancement in Modern technology has made paper and pen obsolete. The modern-day mobile phone has become a multipurpose gadget. So today, all simple, as well as complex financial calculations, can be done on the mobile phone and a track of it too can be maintained.

Today with rising in small scale businesses, it gave rise to the financial calculator. What is the financial Calculator? It is an electronic calculator which performs financial functions such as calculation of simple and compound interest, cash flow, amortization, conversion, cost & sale margin, etc. These type of functions are generally needed in the business and commerce sectors. Hence the term financial calculator. There are many accounting and finance calculators available online but this is one of my favorite apps for mobile.

There are many good and best financial calculator apps for Android and iPhone users. However, the best among them are mentioned in the below list10bii financial calculator: This is a premium app and the right choice if you are looking for a professional type personal finance calculator. It also has the option for in-app purchases for other additional functions.

  • PowerOne Finance Calculator: This app is very popular because this has the option of creating spreadsheets. Not only that this app has the option to fully customize its calculator for specific financial and scientific purposes.
  • EZ Financial Calculator: This is an advanced financial calculator which helps in calculating 401K contributions. It also has complex formulas and does calculations for a mortgage, stock, taxes, etc.
  • Touch fin Calculator: It is an RPN calculator. This has a special feature to copy values from the clipboard and also has an easy to use interface. However, the calculator opens up to the entire screen of the device.
  • HP 12c Financial Calculator: The special feature of this app is that it has a euro/dollar switch an also has one-click access. It is the app version of the HP 12C financial calculator.
  • MoneySmart Financial Calculator: This is an app issued from the Government of Australia and is run by the agency called ASIC which is related to the Australian Government. Through this app, the user can get a lot of personal finance guidance and other deals relating to interest-free loans, etc.
  • Qualifier Plus IIIx/fx: This app is mainly aimed at the real estate industry and has cash flow solutions and other built-in functionalities.
  • BA II Plus Financial Calculator: This is basically useful for financial students and is the app version of the BA II Plus Financial Calculator.
  • CalcTape Calculator: This is a unique app. The reason being that it has the functionalities of note application, standard calculator application, and classic desktop calculator as well. To top it this is a free app.
  • TVM Financial Calculator: This app helps to explain the concept of TVM (Time Value of Money) and is mainly used to evaluate business investments and about money savings

CONCLUSION: So make the right choice as per your financial needs and turn your mobile phone into a smartphone by getting the best financial app and thereby make the right financial move.

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